Run Time Scheduler

Irrigating efficiently is easy. Create a zone-by-zone schedule by selecting choices that best describe the characteristics of a specific area (zone) of your landscape. Average historical values for the Denver metro area are used to determine an efficient watering schedule for your landscape. You also can enter specific values to really dial-in your irrigation requirements. Click below to enter the site, and thanks for using only what you need!

Irrigation Water Budgets

Using this tool will provide an abbreviated version of a run-time schedule along with the approximate gallons of water you will use by following the schedule. You will need to know the size of the areas (zones) you are watering in square feet. You can either estimate the sizes or measure precisely to get the annual water requirements for your landscape. Click below to enter the site, and remember...waste is out!

Keep track of your water use (past and present) by checking your Water Consumption History